About Ken Dees

Mr. Dees is a professional engineer who has been involved in a number of engineering and high tech related ventures since graduating from Southern Methodist University in 1984. His passion is identifying needs and establishing a dynamic company to address these needs.  He is the driving force behind Chalk Mountain Builder’s vision and evolution.

Mr. Dees has experience in forensic engineering and has worked on legal cases pertaining to engineering-based issues which presented a hazard to the health and well-being of the general public..  He is also provides assistance to clients regarding their requirements for regulatory compliance.

Mr. Dees began his career at MCI Telecommunications where he was responsible for tracking all construction projects on a nationwide scale and reporting to the board of directors.  Three years after graduation, Mr. Dees founded DataGraphics, a software development company which developed computer software for engineering, surveying and mapping applications.  DataGraphics was one of the first companies hired by the State of Texas to provide software development and data development services for the six-billion dollar Super Conducting Super Collider project.

Mr. Dees is the author of Mapworks, the first AutoCAD-based Mapping system which was subsequently sold, along with data development services, to over twenty municipal, county and state government agencies.  He is also the author of CivilWorks, one of the first AutoCAD-based Civil Engineering/Land Surveying software suites which was subsequently used by hundreds of public and private entities including local, county and state agencies as well as utility companies, energy companies, railway companies and consulting engineering companies.